Commissioning a portrait is always an exciting, enjoyable  and interesting process, but one that naturally might need some discussion and help, so please do get in touch if you would like to talk about your portrait ideas.

Portrait sittings usually take place in the home or chosen business setting of the sitter and I'm very happy to travel throughout the UK. International travel is also possible, but may mean additional travel costs. 

I feel the sitting is far more relevant and relaxed in the sitter's environment, and this is particularly true with portraits of children and families. Plenty of time is taken to discuss the portrait, ideas and all the elements of composition. 

 I always want my sitter to be delighted with the finished portrait, and for them to feel they have a portrait that reflects not just their likeness but also their personality and spirit. I aim to create a painting the sitter will be proud of, and one that will record a moment in time positively.

 Please contact me for an informal chat and further help.

Frequently asked Questions

"How much does a portrait cost?"

A portrait's price depends on the size and amount of people within the painting. If you have an idea of the portrait you are considering, just e-mail your thoughts for a rough guide to price.

"Do you travel to sittings?"

Absolutely. I feel the most relevant place for the sitting to take place is at the home or business environment of the "sitter".

"What should I wear in my portrait?"

I usually suggest that people choose what they feel is most "them" and what they feel will capture them in the most timeless way. 

"Can you frame the portrait"

I can frame the portrait and offer thoughts on what would suit the painting and your interior. The portrait can then be delivered ready to hang.

"How can I contact you?"

Please visit the contact page and fill in the form and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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